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Belt - Pink & Green Zebra


Insert - Key Fob - Tennis Racket


Mr. Bunny


Mrs. Bunny




Insert - Queen Bee


American Flag on Sky


Baby Hearts - Lime


Baby's 1st Christmas Shoe


Blue Bird Please Come In


Brick - Lily inspired patchwork - pinks & greens


Bright Disk Lime w/Turquoise Polka Dots


Bright Disk Turquoise w/Bright Pink Polka Dots


Bright Green Disk


Bright Peach Houndstooth Disk


Bright Pink Grid Disk


Bright Pink Zig Zag Disk


Bright Red Check Disk


Bright Tangerine Grid Disk


Chanel C




Christmas Collage #1 - Santa & Mistletoe


Deer on Light Coral


Double Zebra Heart


Elephant with Lime Dots


Fleur-de-Lis Louis Vuitton




Fleur-de-lys Hermes


Game Bird Belt


Gentlemen's Plaid


Geraniums & Ribbons Square


Geraniums Insert - red


Gold Bee on Black


Good Luck Be Yours Four-Leaf Clover


Gucci-inspired Gold Bee on Green round


H Belt


Heart - Lily inspired roses


Herend inspired fishnet mini heart - blues


Herend inspired fishnet mini heart - raspberry


Herend inspired large crouching bunny - green with red bow


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