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Shapes of Needlepoint, Series I

Shapes of Needlepoint, Series I was the number one best selling needlepoint book of 2010/2011.  Sandra's book differs from other needlepoint books that there are no patterns to fill an area.  Instead, a single stitch fits a given shape.
There is an index by shape, with subheadings for the size of the area to fill: "Circle: 4 x 4 threads".  A second index helps find a stitch diagram by thread count alone.  There are 33 stitches for circles, 55 sttiches for squares, 30 stitches for triangles and 35 stitches for rectangles.
Shapes of Needlepoint has large, easy-to-read charts, is spiral-bound so it lies flat when open, and contains tips for improving your needlepoint technique sprinkled throughout.

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