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Bohin - Heart Scissors


Bohin - Large Handles


Bohin Gaucher Left Handed Scissor


Bohin Gilted Rabbit Scissors


Bohin Leather Scissors Protector


Curved Tip Lift and Snip Scissors


Gingher Classic Embroidery Scissor


Gingher Fleur-De-Lis Embroidery Scissors 3-3/4


Gingher Gold Handled Epaulette Embroidery Scissors 3-1/2


Gingher Knife-Edge Stork Embroider Scissors 3-1/2


Gingher Leather Scissors Sheath


Gingher Lions Tail Embroidery Scissors


Gingher Safety Point Pocket Scissors


Magnetic Scissor Keeper


Premax Arabesque Embroidery Scissors


Premax Gold Handled Eiffel Tower Scissors


Premax Gold Handled Rabbit Scissors


Premax Gold Handles Embroidery Scissors


Premax Green Scottish Colored Handle


Premax Matte Chrome Embroidery Scissors


Premax Patterned Embroidery Scissors - Red


Premax Patterned Embroidery Scissors- Green


Premax Red Scottish Colored Handle


Premax Rounded Tipped Pocket Scissors


Rainbow Thread Cutters - Pink


Rainbow Thread Cutters - Green


Rainbow Thread Cutters Curved Tip - Purple


Scissor Case & Scissors - Poppy

$60.00 $87.00

Seam Ripper






Sullivan's Heirloom Embroidery Scissors


Sullivans Pewter Teardrop Handle Embroidery Scissors


Sullivans Silver & Gold Teardrop Handle Embroidery Scissors


Super Snips


Thread Cutter Pendant Antique Silver


Thread Cutter Pendant Antique Gold